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Custom Lead Sheets


Custom designed lead sheets
are available at a reasonable cost.

Library  of over 450 popular songs
for a nominal fee

20 years experience in arranging,
composing, and music transcription
by leading Connecticut musician

Custom Arranging

Composer, arranger Kent Hewitt will transcribe your song from a CD, mp3, cassette, or sketch, and create a professional lead sheet or custom arrangement to your specifications, ready for publishingYour score then will be sent by PDF file to your email address for you to print out.
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Link to Kent Hewitt's personal website.

Song Library

Many songs are available from my song library, for a nominal price.They are immediately available and can be in any key you desire.For a complete list of songs and price information please   click here:

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Professional Preparation
Arrangements are professionally prepared using music software. Reasonable pricing varies according to the amount of preparation time involved and the level of detail required on the score.
  Specializing in custom arrangements for singers. Satisfaction guaranteed!  Click for more info